Citizen Charter


  • To ensure availability of inputs vizs Yarn ( Cotton, Silk, Wool, Jute, Linen, Rayon etc.) Dyes & Chemicals of desired quality at the most reasonable prices.

  • Supplementing marketing efforts of Handloom Agencies/ Individual handloom weavers / Apex bodies / Weavers co-operatives / HEPC members / Handloom Weavers Agencies and helping them to achieve incresased share in domestic & global market for handloom products.

  • To promote and facilitate continuous qualitative improvement in the handloom industry through developmental activities, upgrading technology and improving productivity through Sensitization programmes and Dyers training programmes.


  • To excel as a pivotal organization in the Handloom sector by serving as a National Agence for promotion and development of Handloom sector.

  • To strive to remain operationally viable.

  • To help to remove impediments to the buoyance of the Handloom sector.

  • To be recognized as the main developmental agency in the handloom industry including implementation of related activities in co-ordination with the Government / other agencies.


  • To Act with integrity, judicious transparency, accountability, promptness and understanding in our dealings with the clients.

  • To provided all round support/services including technical know how to Handloom Organizations / Apex Bodies / Co-operative Societies / Weaver etc. with the optimum use of resources and allocation of modern technology and management .


  • To promote overall interest of the handloom weavers at large in general.

  • Continuously strive to evolve simple procedures to facilitate availability of quality raw-materials e.g Yarn, Dyes & Chemicals and other inputs to handloom weavers at most reasonable prices.

  • To work with accuracy, consistency, time bound and result oriented approach.

  • To play a proactive role and work towards the over all development and growth of the handloom sector.

  • To create better marketing opportunities for handloom products.

  • To enhance use of information technology and to connect all its operating centers on wide Area Net Work ( WAN) ensuring a quicker flow of information for better services and smoother business transaction.

  • To contribute and build a quality culture for increasing the awareness regarding appropriate technology.

  • To interact with the Government / Other agencies for seeking better facilities / policies / programmes to the handloom sector and highlights its needs on a continuous basis.


  • NHDC meets the requirement of National / Regional / Primary Level State Handloom Agencies/ Apex bodies, Weaver's co-operatives, Individualh Handloom Weavers, Handloom Developmental Centers, Handloom producers / Exporters / manufacturers registered with HEPC / any other exporters, Promotion Council under Ministry of Textiles / Director of Industries / Handloom of State/U.T. Besides, it also provide services to :-

  • All approved export houses / trading houses / star trading houses for production of handloom items.

  • Members of recognized / approved handloom associations.

  • NGOs fulfilling CAPART norms.

  • Self help groups/Joint liability group, weavers entrepreneurs, Individual handloom weavers.

  • Any other agency approved by the office of the development Commissioner (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India situated in Urban, Semi Urban and Rural areas through its Regional & Branch Offices.

Our Focal Point

  • Corporate / Head Office of National Handloom Development Corporation Limited is located at 10th and 11th floor, ‘Vikas Deep' Buliding, 22 - Station Road, Lucknow : 226001 (Uttar Pradesh).

  • The Corporation has a moderate manpower of 200 employees scattered across the country.

  • The activities at National level are managed with the help of 09 (Nine) Regional Offices , 01(One) Event office and 37 (Thirty Seven) Branch Offices. Details is available at Annex 'A'.

  • Each of our Regional, Event and Branch Offices are committed to help weavers' community. Staff posted in these offices remain in constant touch with weavers' community of that region and endeavour to provide quality input at reasonable price.


To ensure -

  • Availability of raw materials like yarn, dyes & chemicals and other inputs to handloom weavers.

  • Building infrastructure for marketing of handloom products and to contribute to the growth of appropriate technology.

  • To organize Training programmes which mainly includes:-

  1. Dyers Training programmmes - these are arranged / organized for technical skill upgradation of community engaged in Handloom Sector.

  1. Sensitization programms are arranged to educate weavers and society members about the schemes and benefits extended by Government of India for up-liftment of Handloom sector and community engaged in this profession.

  • To Help by setting up infrastructure i.e. marketing complexes, with the concept that a large variety of handloom fabrics manufactured in different states are sold under one roof. The Corporation has successfully achieved this at following places:-


  1. Jaipur (Rajasthan)

  2. Kolkata (West Bengal)

  3. Ahmedabad (Gujrat)

  4. Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

  5. Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

  6. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

  7. Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  8. New Delhi.


  • To explore marketing opportunities through, Silk Fab and Wool fab:

          These Fabs are organised every year by the corporation with the help of office of DCH.

  • Input Related Schemes :

Government of India's ‘Yarn Supply Scheme' (YSS) is presently benefiting the handloom weavers in procuring yarn at mill gate price. The MGPS provides following benefits:

  • MGPS was introduced in the year 1992, for supply of yarn to the handloom weavers at the price which is available at the mill gate.

  • Under the scheme, transportation expenses and depot operating charges are reimbursed to the eligible agencies through NHDC.

  • Eligible agencies are - National/ State/ Regional/ Primary level Handloom organizations, handloom development centers, handloom producers/ exporters, approved export houses, consortium/ producer companies formed under IHDS, members of approved handloom associations, NGOs fulfilling CAPART norms, SHG / JLG, weaver entrepreneur, individual weaver, any other agency approved by DCH.

  • The rates for freight reimbursement, depot operating expenses are as under:-

(a) Freight reimbursement for yarn:

Type of Yarn

Maximum freight reimbursement to eligible agencies in Plain Areas

Maximum freight reimbursement to the eligible agencies in Hills and Remote Areas

Maximum freight reimbursement to the eligible agencies in N.E. Regions

Other than Silk and Jute yarn

2.5 %

2.5 %

5.0 %

Silk Yarn

1.0 %

1.25 %

1.5 %

Jute Yarn

10.0 %

10.0 %

10.0 %



  • This component was introduce in the MGPS w.e.f 6th January 2012. Under this scheme the subsidy will be provided upfront to the beneficiary. Yarn Passbook will be issued to all eligible agencies and individual handloom weavers. Types of yarn and eligible quantity under the scheme are tabulated as under:

Type of yarn

Eligible Quantity

Cotton (below 40s counts )

30 Kgs./loom/month

Cotton (40s counts and above)

10 Kgs./loom/month

Silk Yarn

4 Kgs./loom/month


  • The corporation has its own performance evaluation system, which are decided in the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed between Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and the NHDC every year so as to publisize since 1992-93, to publicize polices, programmess and schemes of the Government. Corporation is signing MOU with the Ministry of Textiles since 1992-93.


Corporation has a well-defined grievances redressal procedures:-

  • Public grievances are taken care at Regional office level at first instance and then forwarded to Grievances redressal officer of the Corporation at Corporate Office Greater Noida.

  • Staff / Employees grievances are taken care by a committee constituted for the purpose, at initial level. Reports / recommendations of the committee are forwarded to the designated Staff Grievances Redressal Officer (Dy. General Mgr.-P&A), who alongwith his findings forward the cases to Managing Director for final decision.


Corporation has its own Suggestion scheme and Whistle blower policy so as to receive valuable inputs of the employees relating to improvement in work culture and efficiency. These schemes are also ment with an objective to built culture of participation and transparancy. We also conduct survey from outside agencies for SWOT analysis and implement their suggestions (if required / practically possible ) for betterment of the employees and upliftment of handloom sector and weaver community attached with this profession.


  • The Head office/ Corporate Office is at Wegmans Business Park, Tower - 1, Plot No. 03, Sector Knowledge Park - III, Surajpur - Kasna Main Road, Greater Noida - 201306 (Uttar Pradesh).

  • We can also be contacted at: (EPABX) 0522-2635133/2635287

         (FAX) 0522-2635282

  • Globally one can reach us through our e-mail and website:

         E-mail: website:

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